Saturday, December 22, 2007

Still busy

Only 2 days left until the 24th. I am still busy finishing up the knitted gifts. I hadn't planned on knitting most of these, they were somewhat last-minute ideas. When I bought fiberfill 2 weeks ago for the Hedwig owl that I had started in August for Thomas I thought I could also knit a doll for Ellen for Christmas, especially since she will be getting a dollbed that my husband and the boys built for her. And so I quickly finished this little boy

It was a fast knit, only the finishing took some time. And I already changed the pattern to knitting in the round for the 4 limbs and the pants to avoid too much seaming. It was a fun way to use up a lot of the cotton yarns that have accumulated from kids' sweaters over the last few years. And since the doll will need a blanket in her new bed I started this:

It is going to be a log cabin doll blanket, based on the pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. And it is using up some of my wool leftovers from various projects. I am almost done with it now, just have to add a border.
After finishing this I hope I will be able to work on the Hedwig owl. And maybe even a hat for my husband.
Back to knitting.


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